Crucial LGBTQ design pros to know!

It’s the Pride month!

As an LGBTQ+ ally, this is the month for me to express my support and love for my friends and of course to celebrate the progress that has been made as a community. In its true sense ’tis the month to be jolly’ again in recognizing the freedom of expression and to embrace the gorgeous privilege of being authentically alive; just the way you are with no-judgement! It also commemorates the dedication and the persistence and the harsh struggle overcome by these super-strong souls to get where we are now.

I do see some companies who just want to slap a rainbow flag on their social media channels during Pride Month — and then promptly forget about the community as soon as July rolls around.

Building a smell-community for increased transparency and accuracy of Air Data is the need of the hour. But how do we implement it?- a UX Case Study

As the world tussles with the implications of COVID-19 and we are forced to stay indoors, the fact that every year 1.6 million people are losing their lives due to contaminated indoor air that we breathe, is unnerving. As a matter of fact, research have also displayed connections between polluted air and high impacts of coronavirus on individuals. …

My raw and frumpish route to this creative conduit.

The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has turned our routines upside down. For better or worse, every aspect of human life is affected and some of the aspects are not even in the position to afford the previous normality.

I don’t know about you but the pandemic had literally taken a toll on my creativity for a long-standing. Mingled with a different sense of uncertainty, prevailed frustration and a constant urge to be optimistic about everything.

In the initial months of the quarantine period, while working from home and the idea of having…

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